Raptor has a wide range of high quality products that are uniquely developed for the professional craftsman.

All of our products are constantly tested in production to ensure their quality.

Hand tools

Raptor hand tools are of the highest quality and our wide range means that you can always find a tool for the job.

REX hand saws
The Raptor REX hand saw has been developed so it can challenge even the best saws on the market and the ergonomic handle ensures a firm grip.


Raptor knives come in many shapes and sizes, with snap-off blades as well as traditional heavy duty blades like the ones shown on the right.
Raptor heavy duty blades are made of SK5 steel that gives you a longer lasting, sharper edge. The heavy duty blades come in handy dispensers with 10 or 100 pcs.


Raptor levels are made within the tolerances demanded by good craftmanship. In 2012 the Raptor levels came second in a test by the Swedish trade magazine "Bygnadsarbetaren" ("The Construction Worker").

Tape measures

Raptor tape measures come in many sizes, so you can measure from 3 meters to 10 kilometers.